I’m thinking about little elf ears twitching in their sleep and it’s the cutest thing

*muffled shrieking about Corso* I’M IN FAVOR!

ngl, when i thought of playing smuggler, i was like ‘oh my fellow bear is going to love this’ XD

Musings about potential Rae/Zenith children under cut

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*starts researching star wars genetics*


one of the reasons i love the dynamic of zenith and the jedi consular is that the consular is first & foremost a problem solver and so is zenith

he wants the fighting on balmorra to end but doesn’t see an end in sight (and really, when does war end? when the generations that had to experience it die off and a new war starts? zenith sees this and knows war is every damn day on balmorra until he dies)

but can the consular comprehend a life without conflict either?


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Sudden Zenith as a father feels.

Zenith holding his daughter for the first time.

Zenith having tea time with his daughter and her dolls.

Zenith carrying his daughter on his shoulders.

Zenith beating up other kids dad’s when they pick on his daughter.

Zenith watching his little girl grow up.

Zenith walking his daughter down the aisle and trying not to cry.

Zenith threatening her now husband of sure slow death if her husband hurts his daughter.

Zenith never believing that this would happen after years of fighting in the resistance.


#jare you’re such an enabler T_T

come join me, darling, in the zenith feels